Uranium Companies

There are very few pure uranium companies. Most companies, especially the small exploration type, are active in more than the uranium industry. This blog makes no attempt to guage the percentage of a companies activity that are related to the finding, mining or processing of uraniun. They all do, however, have some uranium activities (to the best of our review).

Merv's Uranium Indices

I have developed two Uranium Indices. They each have the same component stocks but are calculated using different methodologies. My weekly Index is based upon the average weekly performance of the component stocks. My daily Index is based upon the daily average of the component stocks open, high, low and close prices along with the daily average volume of all component stocks.

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11 December 2010

Merv's Weekly Indices 11 Dec 2010


Anonymous said...

Hi Merv, I have a technical question related to the US Dow Jones Index. (A little off topic, but may impact all stocks trading in the US).

I'm looking at a weekly chart of the Dow over the past 2 years with RSI set at 50.

I see a RSI peak in Feb 2010 just over 70. Since then it looks like it is in a downtrend similar to the downtrend in 2008 before the crash. The Dow is in a slight uptrend so there is a divergence.

I'm not sure how to analyze this. Can it be a signal for something on the horizon next year?

Can you take a quick look if you have the time? Thanks!

Merv said...

I'm running late today but will try and respond later in the evening or tomorrow morning.

Merv said...

I’m confused. I see no similarity between the weekly Dow or a 50 unit weekly RSI now versus 2008 or before/during the crash.

The Dow peaked in Oct of 2007, the 50 unit RSI peaked in June 2007. By the beginning of 2008 we were already in a bear market per the Dow.

Your numbers for the RSI do not seem possible. The peak RSI in June of 2007 was only 63.8. The RSI in Feb 2010 was only 55.5. You can only get a weekly RSI into the 70 range if you were using a 13 or 14 week RSI, which are the usual preprogrammed RSI in most software programs. But even with a 13 unit RSI there is no similarity with the action of 2008 bear trend.

Most recent peak in the RSI is back to 55.8. The 50 RSI is confirming the DOW slightly higher recent rally highs and there is no problem at this point. Since reaching its low in early 2009 both the DOW and the 50 RSI have been moving together in confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification Merv. I'm using an online charting system that probably does not give 100% accurate data...(?) I checked it on another on-line site ( and the numbers are similar to what you have listed.

I just want to keep an eye on these markets as a whole because they took a lot of people by surprise last time. Most everyone that I know that has a 401k account had them down over 50% during 2008/2009. (There is no short fund in a 401k... so it's either move it to the conservative fund or let it drop with the markets)

I hear occasionally that the Dow and Gold will be a 1:1 ratio and if you look at a ratio chart, it is dropping. The 1:1 ratio has already occurred a few times since the early 1900's as you may already know.

So IF Gold is going to $5000 and we get a 1:1 ratio, the Dow may drop to 5000 as well...